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LEARNING SERIES:  The Sensual Arts of the Goddess

LEARNING SERIES: The Sensual Arts of the Goddess

“Discover the Hidden Aspects of Yourself

& Renew Your Mind”

Want to get in touch with the lost arts

of your sensual feminine nature?

...To draw, maintain, or ignite your passion

you must be willing to

to define, refine, realign, and expand 

beyond what you think of sex appeal... and live it!



Stirring the Sensual Woman; your Sensual Goddess;

is a liberating journey to the deeper reaches of your identity

and the perceptions of what men want and women are... 

The 9 Sensual arts  is a hands on mental, physical, and spiritual "inner standing" of the senses that enrich and expand

self-awareness and intimacy without fear or regret.  

The sensual arts have been lost

to time and replaced with crude and vulgar displays of females 

as bitter disposable objects of chaos and ignorance.

Finding and living your peace illuminates any space your enter 

including the mind of men.

COST: $299. deposit required $200.00

(price includes classes, refreshments and toolkit)


DATE: Fridays, May 6 - 20

Fridays: 6:30 - 8:30 pm; min 7 and max 10 participants


HOST: Heather “Hetheru” Miller


LOCATION: Epicenter 18000 w. 9 Mile Southfield, MI  48075


CONTENT: The Learning Series will explore the following:


  • Exploring your ideas of sexy vs. sensual

  • Build your tools box of intimate and creative ideas

  • Awaken and/or enhance your romantic "likeability" factors

  • Explore strategies for self-healing: from the inside out

  • How to use your imagination and visualization to manifest your desires

  • Becoming more sexually confident and creative

  • How to increase awareness of sexual energy through femininity

  • Recognize and expand your divine nature of peace

  • Become and draw strength from your sensual goddess

  • Apply chakras/energy centers and their impact on your everyday life

  • Creating your sacred space to re-center and re-focus

  • Understand The metaphysics of sex and sexuality

  • Master the 9 Sensual arts that unleash your sensuality

black couple close up kissing.jpg

The Sensual Arts are designed to develop and/or expand your sensual nature.

You can bring peace and variety into new, blooming, or long-term relationships...

You can increase your visibility and enhance your romantic options...

You can be and become

the Sensual Goddess without being in and/or seeking a relationship...

You can restore the Sacred Feminine in your home,

your circle, your relationship,

your work and life...

You can illuminate any room

you enter...

You can access places and spaces that you may have lacked confidence to venture...

You can be a living example of a sensual woman...

You can empower and enlighten with your words and energy...

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