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LEARNING SERIES: Journey of the Sensual Goddess

“Discover the Hidden Aspects of Yourself

& Renew Your Mind”

Journey of the Sensual Goddess is an advanced learning series seeking true self-mastery

of your sensuous path building momentum and energy through the creation and appreciation

of the Sacred Feminine. 

True and deeper exploration begins

when the mind, heart, and spirit knows its own

profound truths.

Ocean Rocks


Sacred and Sensual the Goddess journey continues to include precepts, refining the mastery of the 9 Sensual Arts, Understanding the art of sexual energy through

positions and the raising of the Kundalini to cultivate Creation and Pro-Creation rights

to manifest change in self, mate, and community.Raise the Divine Goddess and Spirit within YOU.

COST: $299. deposit required $200.00

(includes sessions, refreshments, and toolkit)

DATE: Fridays: July 8 - 22, 2022 6:30 - 8:30 pm

3 week series; 7 min 10 max participants


HOST: Heather “Hetheru” Miller


LOCATION:  Epicenter 18000 W. 9 Mile Southfield, MI  49075


CONTENT: The Learning Series will explore the following:


  • Basics of Sensuality and the Goddess Precepts

  • Mastery of the 9 Sensual Arts

  • Aligning Body, and Mind Through Breath, Dance, and Thought

  • Enlightening your Partner on Sex with a Goddess

  • Manifesting through Sexual Energy

  • Erotic Dance, Talk and Walk 

  • Establish your Sexual Toolbox

  • Celebrate Your Sensual Goddess

  • Yoni Ceremony

Rock Balancing
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