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Lessons for the Journey - Removing the M
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MOTHERS with Sons, this is your SEASON! 

                  If You Are BOSS (Building Our Sons)....


Mothers with Sons have a REAL second job! We have the responsibility of their well-being, cultivating their shift from boys to men, while living our lives as women and mothers in front of them. 


We watch them at home... we watch their peers in the community... we watch them in school and we wonder and we worry about how we help them to become their personal best and survive.  We do the best we can--- with what we have--- and what we know--- just as any "real" BOSS would do.  Ultimately, we respond by taking charge! We take charge of their "building" often using 3 different management strategies; 1) Strong Hand (Dictator); Soft Hand (Champion); Hands-Free (Self-Guided).  Learn how to balance your BOSS Style to increase the fluency of communication, guidance, motivation, anger management, and confidence in your son so that he can survive this journey from boy to man! 

Schedule Group Sessions or a Personal one-on-one Session!

If you have a son between the ages of 8-14 register him for our EMIY Future Leaders Program at or reach out to us at

This is your time! This is the SEASON! For $59. Per Session....

Join us in "Removing the Mask" 3-week Learning Series: for God-Centered Women. This amazing 3-week session builds on the challenges women face as we struggle with our faith walk, healthy identity, intimate relationships, walking in our purpose, engaging the father of our children, and even raising our children. With a different more powerful lesson every week; attendees reveal and build toward wholeness! Actively engage in the process of your change!

Find out what your mask really is... it may not be what you think! There are deeper levels of your relationships where others want to connect to you but your mask may prevent them from approaching. Learn more about your blind-spots (what you don't see that your mask reveals).

*Special registration fee $150 when you pay for all 3 sessions in advance!

**Special rate of $50. per session for previous "Your Inspired Journey" workshop attendees and clients!

                    Your Breakthrough is Here! 


Breaking Strongholds Learning Series is a resource to better understand the strongholds that keep us in a life of bondage. We are often bound to and by our control issues. Because of our pride we are unable to receive or allow others to truly help us as trust has been broken. We are distracted from important decisions and/or taking our next steps. We experience the pain and sorrow of abandonment and rejection and often believe that we are cursed in love and in our most intimate relationships. Let this series guide you through the narrow paths of your break through! You deserve to be happy and free; not continue to repeat the same choices or settle for being alone!

Together we look beneath the surface and find out what your strongholds really are... it may not be what you think! 

*Special registration fee $150 when you pay for all 3 sessions in advance!

Girls Nite Fun
& Self-Exploration

This Special Workshop is available for small private groups. Friends, sororities, church groups, new wives and moms, social clubs and more can schedule a session for your group of up 15. The topics vary based on the needs of the group. Women are in constant need of new information, resources, and tools to grow us beyond where we are.  

The activities are fun, engaging and prompt reflection while growing.  Each session has a great take-away and mind shift that you can use to your immediate advantage!

Let the journey of your new level of "Sacred Sexuality" help you grow into a fully sexually confident women! Let's remove stigmas and media images of the beautiful ways God provided us to love and be loved. Learn deeper insights into you preferences and sensory experiences of being a woman. Call to inquire or set up your private session at 313-759-7855.

Let your next Girls Nite Have Value!

Seeking new ways to spend quality time with your friends? Consider scheduling a Girls TIME OUT Party! Hosted by your Personal Change Coach, Heather Hetheru, you can inner-tain a stimulating conversation and enlightening activities that increase personal growth and the importance of your journey.  At an easy $250 (that about $25 each for 10 people (or minimum of 5 people) you can have a guided experience to self-exploration!

Let your Personal Change Coach help you find a topic that will meet you where you are and have fun exploring it. This could be a weekday or weekend; daytime or evening session! To explore scheduling this event, Call 313-759-7855 to schedule your weekend session now!

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