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Bridge Over River

LEARNING SERIES: Enter the Secret Chamber

“Discover the Hidden Aspects of Yourself

& Renew Your Mind”

This learning series is for women seeking a deeper understanding of choices... 




repetitive patterns...


Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

This learning series is the beginning of your

deeper exploration to help re-enforced the physical and spiritual foundation needed to build the life

you want and deserve!

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Transformational by design, each week will be a guided journey of self-exploration and self-discovery through assessments, activities, and reflection, with the goal of uncovering the roots of our expectations, preferences, role models, home training, and a lifetime of mixed media messages.  

Together we will illuminate your path

to reveal the true nature of your journey. 

The Secret Chamber

COST: $225.  in-Person    

(price includes classes, refreshments and toolkit)


DATE: 2/4 - 2/18/2022

Fridays from 6:30 - 8:30 pm


HOST: Heather “Hetheru” Miller


LOCATION: Epicenter 18000 W. 9 Mile Southfield, MI  48075


CONTENT: The Learning Series will explore the following:


  • Exploring your choices and its origin

  • The impact of your "past history" (his -story the men in your life) to your "present my-stery" (my-story  the result of past relationships)

  • Infusing romance and creativity into your love life (shifting friendships to relationships) 

  • Strategies for self-healing: from the inside out

  • How to use your imagination and visualization to manifest your desires

  • Becoming more sexually confident and creative

  • How to increase awareness of sexual energy through femininity

  • Recognizing your divine nature; the goddess or queen in you

  • Chakras/energy centers and the impact on your everyday life

  • Creating your sacred space to re-center and re-focus

  • The metaphysics of sex and sexuality

  • Universal Laws and principles that work for your greater good


You are not a victim of your past...

...or your "Back Story"

you are a victor

in creating your My-Stery (my-story)!

You are more than your past Self Abuse...

You are stronger

than you look on the outside...

You are more than just a mother and a nurturer...

You are on the journey

of transformation! 

You are the peace

you seek!

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