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Finding Your Path....

If you have selected this tool then you already are seeking your purpose!  Is that strange to hear? Deep down inside of you, this call or better stated “calling” was sent out to you across time and space.  Since you have selected this site, it is an indicator that you are reaching out to connect with that calling.  Initially, our calling starts as a seed; just an idea.  It later becomes a slight itch then a sense of being incomplete.  As you seek a deeper insight, the seed grows larger and becomes a deep longing.  A longing that there is more to you; something more planned for your life.  Then, the seed of longing, one day, blossoms… it’s crystal clear.  There really is something that you were born to do.  Now, what is it?


Our calling doesn’t have to be earth shaking…  It is however, part of a major life change that not only will affect you but those around you who love and depend on you.  Our calling can be simple or complex.  Regardless, it requires a commitment of time, energy, trust, and resources (including financial, education, and other people).  Believe me, the principles for our calling are the same for all of us even though our journey is different.  In this resource tool, it is my hope to help you chronicle the major principles so that we can understand, together, the potential obstacles.  Encouraging each other to become whom we are meant to be.


Know that our purpose is part of a spiritual movement that is taking place.  This walk forces us to clean up our lives: body, soul, and spirit.  Our clean space makes a welcoming place for wholeness and love to grow and spread.  If the world is going to change, we must be the agent for that change.  We can not… must not fail. 


Finally, let us not forget…never forget to acknowledge and give thanks to the source… our Creator…. to which all things including us belong and will soon return.  Let us walk our path and “Empower Change”. 


In our collective community spirit, I bid you peace, love, and endurance.

The books by Personal Change Coach Heather Hetheru

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Appreciation, Information, Application, Transformation and Elevation

Mystical Empowerment

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