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Personal Coaching & Workshops

Your Inspired Journey often looks different from a male point of view...

Calvin provides a rich much needed perspective of the journey of Boys, Men, Husbands and Fathers through over 36 years of coaching athletics and people through the next levels of their lives.  Of particular value to mothers and women, Calvin enriches and opens a new toolbox to women whether raising sons, recovering relationships with men and/or understanding themselves.  His workshops, training and/or 1-on-1 coaching serves as a platform for the greater works ---The Restoration of Families! 

Calvin T. Mann,

Our National Encourager

As a National Encourager, Calvin shares the value of each member of the community

family.  He demonstrates the value of respect and encourage at the necessary tools of

healthy engagement.  Award winning activist, advocate and solutionist - Mann has

received many awards, accolades, and acknowledgements from around the country

recognizing him as our National Encourager.     


Personal Coach & Mentor

As a Personal Coach, Mann seeks to support, guide and prepare boys ages 12 - 24 navigate the

challenges of manhood with tools of resilience, responsibility and respect as the platform to uncover

the next steps of their journey.  The journey from boys to men often realizes  our hopes and dream,

owning the experiences and choices that have shaped us and guided our path.  This ownership is

about being the one who makes decisions, takes the calculated risks and reaps the rewards of our

efforts as we utilize our gifts, talents and abilities for a brighter future.  Confusion and lack of tools

and resilence may leave boys angry, frustrated, and obsessed with video games and lacking in 

grades, motivation and even respect for parents, adults and other authority. Challenges that

coaching strategies with Mann can help both boys and parents navigate together. 

Calvin is also an experienced athletic coach with specialties in basketball and football.  With close

connections to high school and college level coaches, Mann is credited with assisting several high

school students become premier college athletes! Help your son/student cultivate the necessary skill,

character and mindset to rise to the demand of today's competitive sporting environment.


To set up your 1-on-1 session with Calvin visit our booking page or click the link below.



Workshops & Training

Our workshops are designed to make great strides in short paces offering participants

useful tools, perspectives and guidance that create value and worth in others. From boys

to men, mothers and fathers, teachers and caregivers our workshops provide practical

tools of engagement tempered with the necessary elements of respect and encouragement. 

Panels & Speaking Engagements

Available for speaking engagements and panels, Mann is a winning component to any event. 

Proficient in topics pertaining to personal growth, resilience, leadership, family values,

manhood, prevention and intervention for boys, students, youth and providers. Mann has

shared his message with audiences from practitioners, mental health, educators, parents,

fathers, communities, and many others; from 10 to more than 10,000 in-person and online! 

When you are looking to anchor a panel or positive solution driven message,

Consider Calvin T. Mann.  

For more information, reach out to us at 313-759-7855 or via email at:

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We Can  Help!!! 

Training Services

Built into our Professional training curriculum are literacy supports, various adult learning styles, and tools that build self-esteem and self-awareness among participants.  Participants learn through shared life experiences, interactions, exercises and intensive human concepts that include a challenge to values, beliefs, and thoughts to empower change in the participant.


Our training is available to non-profits organizations, businesses, social groups, and individuals seeking to improve the quality of life of the organization, employees, customers, and/or individuals. Most sessions can accommodate small groups up to 25. 


Customer Sensitivity Training – Participants learn to serve customers and honor themselves so that both employee and customer have a successful encounter; the premise is based on understanding  our common human frailties and giving compassion in return instead of conflict


Employability & Readiness Training Changing one’s attitudes for successful employment opportunities and equipping participants with the necessary tools to enter into today’s competitive job market

Building a Team Environment Training Empowering employee’s attitudes about their environment (including co-workers, customers, management, product/service delivery to successfully create opportunities for growth and higher productivity. 

Entrepreneurship TrainingGrooming and preparing entrepreneurs for entrepreneurship; testing the feasibility of business ideas, and getting entrepreneurs on the business start-up track

Think it. Plan it.
Create it. Embrace it.

"Our mission is to be a resource in the journey of self-discovery by offering business consulting, administrative support, publishing services, training, and personal coaching that facilitate life-changing behaviors; taking you from dreams to journey." 

Take Your NEXT Step... Call us!

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