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Distanced Couple

Divorce: Mending a Broken Covenant

“Discover the Hidden Aspects of Yourself

& Renew Your Mind”

Journey through the recovery path of self-healing and restoration. This series is designed specifically to assist women meet the daily and emotional changes following the days, months, and years following a divorce.  

Learn more about your personal truth in preparation for your "next time" love and preserve your covenant with yourself and God.

Your deeper healing and exploration begins

when the mind, heart, and spirit knows its own

profound truths.


This sacred process opens your awareness and allows your journey to continue.

Learn the tools you will manifest your change, prepare for your potential mate, and walk the path to your healing!

Raise the Divine Goddess and Spirit within YOU.

COST: $299. deposit required $200.00

(includes sessions, refreshments, and toolkit)


DATE: Special Wednesday offering: TBA 6:30 - 9 pm

5 week series; 7 min 10 max participants 


HOST: Heather “Hetheru” Miller


LOCATION: 18000 W. Nine Mile Southfield, MI  48076


CONTENT: The Learning Series will explore the following:


  • Understanding the symptoms and stages of grief

  • Addressing our brokenness and spiritual tares

  • Aligning Body and Mind Through Breath, Dance and Thought

  • Gentle guidance through healthy transitions

  • Tending your garden (taking care of your physical & sexual needs)

  • Respecting your covenant - your new responsiblities

  • Facing your personal truth

  • Address your strongholds

  • Your "ram" in the bush

  • You deserve a "next time" love

  • Characters of your covenant and what is required of them and you

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