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From Secret to Sacred Learning Series...
for God-Centered Women 

From Secret to Sacred Learning Series is an interactive and engaging series of workshops designed to guide women deeper into the journey of self-discovery.  We hold many "secrets" in our past history that now is our "present mystery"; where we live out those secrets unchallenged and unhealed in our everyday life "my-story."  We sometimes forget that there is a cause-and-effect reaction occurring in our lives called Karma or the law of "sowing and reaping." 


Nothing is truly hidden, safe, or secret. When we gain our freedom and empowerment we take conscious control of the seeds we plant, the lives we reach, and the peace we deserve.  Join us as we explore the secrets that bring us back to our sacred selves.  

 From Secret to Sacred 2-hour Learning Series includes:

○ Removing the Mask

From Secret to Sacred:  Remove the “mask” of God-centered women worn to cover brokenness and release the strongholds that fuel the lack of intimacy, bitterness and unfulfilled spaces where only the love of self and God can make our hearts ready to be filled by a mate and/or potential mate. We typically wear a mask when we have unanswered questions. This workshop seeks to reveal the answers and embark upon the journey of self-discovery.   

mask .jpg

○ Mending Broken Mirrors

Mending Broken Mirrors: Refining Me through a Reflective Process workshop is designed to identify our obstacles, rebuild broken trusts, and refine our self-image to empower the woman we reflect the world. This workshop seeks to relieve women from the past brokenness, self-sabotaging strongholds, and mend the nature of woman as God intended.

○ Surviving Divorce: Mending a Broken Covenant

Surviving Divorce: Mending a Broken Covenant is designed to equip women with an understanding of themselves following divorce.  By revealing clues, insights, and connections to broken trust women can walk through the stages of broken trust, develop survival skills to avoid the bitter pitfalls, recognize the process of mending the covenant and prepare their hearts, minds, and lives to love again. This workshop reveals the hidden aspects of covenant and the importance of mending it to moving forward in a healthy vibrant life.


Live, Love and Reclaim Your SACRED FEMININE!!!

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