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Consultant/Trainer Services

Consultant Services

We specialize in affordable business support services for new entrepreneurs, for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations!


For small businesses let us help you develop your business ideas and start-up planning.  For seasoned organizations and businesses facing high turnover, high customer service disappointments, disconnected work teams and/or workforce retention challenges let us bring a refreshing perspective to meaningful training that can increase your productivity, retention and change the work environment for the better.  


The Business of the Journey

Our work, is in apart, about the journey of entrepreneurship.  Helping you and/or your employees see the importance of their work makes them self motivated and self actualized taking care of "business" as owners.  Both own the "business" of the work entrusted and tasked to them.  They build a new identity of value and connectedness that make the workplace culture shift to our "Reset" model. 


If your journey is to realize the dream of owning and maintaining your own business we can help you shape that reality!  Ownership is about being the one who makes decisions, takes the calculated risks and reaps the rewards of your efforts; especially when utilizing your gifts, talents and abilities.

The journey tests who you think you are and what you think you know.  You have the opportunity to make choices and produce products and services that can change the world and bring it closer to the world you want to see. 

We Can  Help!!! 

Training Services

Built into our Professional training curriculum are literacy supports, various adult learning styles, and tools that build self-esteem and self-awareness among participants.  Participants learn through shared life experiences, interactions, exercises and intensive human concepts that include a challenge to values, beliefs, and thoughts to empower change in the participant.


Our training is available to non-profits organizations, businesses, social groups, and individuals seeking to improve the quality of life of the organization, employees, customers, and/or individuals. Most sessions can accommodate small groups up to 25. 


Customer Sensitivity Training – Participants learn to serve customers and honor themselves so that both employee and customer have a successful encounter; the premise is based on understanding  our common human frailties and giving compassion in return instead of conflict


Employability & Readiness Training Changing one’s attitudes for successful employment opportunities and equipping participants with the necessary tools to enter into today’s competitive job market

Building a Team Environment Training Empowering employee’s attitudes about their environment (including co-workers, customers, management, product/service delivery to successfully create opportunities for growth and higher productivity. 

Entrepreneurship TrainingGrooming and preparing entrepreneurs for entrepreneurship; testing the feasibility of business ideas, and getting entrepreneurs on the business start-up track

Think it. Plan it.
Create it. Embrace it.

"Our mission is to be a resource in the journey of self-discovery by offering business consulting, administrative support, publishing services, training, and personal coaching that facilitate life-changing behaviors; taking you from dreams to journey." 

Take Your NEXT Step... Call us!

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