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“Discover the Hidden Aspects of Yourself

& Renew Your Mind”

This learning series is designed for women who want to enhance and engage their inner strength, inner wisdom and reclaim their personal and professional power.

The transformational journey of the SHERO is a journey of self-discovery by which you establish or re-affirm your hidden strength and courage as a woman.  During this guided journey you identify with 1 of 5 shero archetypes who you will begin to see

has shared your journey all along.  

Each week will bring your closer to defining and refining  the secret and/or hidden passion and sensuality that may have

been repressed under the mask of self-doubt, victimization, fear,

and others expectations (i.e., media, mate, family, community,

and religious) of who they think your are or are supposed to be.


Dive deeper into self-exploration and self-discovery with the goal of uncovering the roots of your sensuality, personal power,

past history and present mystery to reveal

the Divine Spirit, the SHERO,  in YOU.



COST: $199  special session

(price includes classes, refreshments and toolkit)


DATE:  Fridays 2/4 - 2/18/2022 6:30 - 8:30 pm

3-week series; min 7 max 10 participants


HOST: Heather “Hetheru” Miller


LOCATION: Epicenter 18000 W. 9 Mile Southfield, MI  48075


CONTENT: The Learning Series will explore the following:


  • Exploring your choices of men in relationships and its origin

  • Explore career choices, work responsibilities, and align your power and career pathways according to your SHERO energy

  • Understanding and putting victimization in perspective

  • The impact of your "past history" (his -story the men in your life) to your "present my-stery" (my-story  the result of past relationships)

  • Find the courage to explore, change, and/or remove your masks

  • Strategies for self-healing and empowerment: from the inside out

  • Becoming more sexually confident and creative without apology

  • How to increase awareness of sexual energy through femininity

  • Recognizing your divine nature; unleash your SHERO and save yourself

  • Recognize your cycles and moods to enhance your power

  • Creating your SHERO sacred space to re-center,  re-focus, and restore your strength

  • Introduction to energy through frequency & vibraiton and its influence on our lives today

  • Use your unique "superpowers" to unleash the metaphysics of sex and sexuality

  • Follow the journey of the SHERO 

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