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About Me

"You don't know, that you don't know, until you know..."

Heather Hetheru Miller,

Personal Change Coach


Personal Change Coach" is a title that I use to share my intent.  It is more than a life coach, mentor, teacher, consultant, trainer it is a way of life that acknowledges each small stride that an individual takes towards self-discovery is a giant step toward change! Coaches draw out what is already in the individual.  I see the talent, gifts, abilities, and the spark of spirituality glowing in a person and help to affirm the insights, clues, and cues that life provides to gently guide or aggressively push fellow travelers along the path. Where are you on the journey?


Personal Change Coach.  

My story is one of love of self, family, community, and God.  It is also a testimony to all of the miraculous things that happen when you realize that your life has meaning and purpose. As I seek to continue to elevate spiritually and balance my physical and spiritual existence, I listen intently and share generously the adventures and insights of my life. I share my lessons and insights through books, personal sessions, workshops, seminars, intimate small group chats, and my blog talk radio show at www.blogtalkradio.com/thesecretchamber.  I am far from arriving at a destination because I see my life as a journey. 


Further, I am a student and guide into the 3 Feminine Arts of EMPOWERMENT sacred self, sacred sex, sacred sexuality.  I understand the value and importance of sex and the sacred art of sensuality as part of my path of self-discovery.  I recognize what has been lost in mixed media messages and in our loss of identity. I “innerstand” that women need gentle guidance in finding their way back to the sacred and sensual ways of the Goddess  (the spiritual journey of our healing, purpose, and faith).  I listen without judgment and guide with an open and insightful heart. My ultimate goal is to BE THE CHANGE I want to see in the world and allow God's love to illuminate everything I do.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


….Let the Journey Continue….

Heather Hetheru

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