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Taking Sex to a Whole New Level

By Heather Hetheru



Sacred Sexuality takes sex to a whole new level!  Beyond intercourse, beyond orgasm, beyond this world, and into the realm of creative possibilities; find your place of trust in the Divine source.


This is what awaits the seekers of this path.  Those who wonder if it’s more to sex than foreplay, intercourse, and orgasm.  That repeating the process over and over again and mastery of technique self and partner pleasure for those moments then still leaves that void knowing-squeaking-churning in the back of your mind.  Leaving even the best sexual encounters still feeling like it’s got to be more … and it is!


The very best sex you can have is just barely a warm-up for the benefits and possibilities that you gain when you seek and participate in sacred sexuality.


There are a few really good books to add to your resource library.  An intro to Sacred Sexuality by Michael Mindell, Jewel in the Lotus by Swati and Tantra.


I have tapped into the realm several times and activated my psychic abilities, fine-tuned my intuition, found solutions to problems, pulled creative ideas, constructed loved ones both alive and deceased, met my spiritual guide, got with the ancestors, traveled to new dimensions, and many other exciting results.


There is a whole other world to explore in us, around us, and for us when we seek our higher path.  When you know who you are, you know that it’s yours anyway!


Get ready, Get set, Go to the next level!

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