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Notebook and Pen

ARTICLES by Heather Hetheru

Is seductive, strong, and sexy and is always in the wrong place at the right time!  Do they sound familiar?  It’s funny because in our culture you must be one or the other, no one really acknowledges that both exist…except some men secretly want the best of both.  They often want a lady in public but a freak in the bedroom.

Sacred Sexuality takes sex to a whole new level!  Beyond intercourse, beyond orgasm, beyond this world and into the realm of creative possibilities; find your place of trust in the Divine source.

Don’t get it twisted, it sounds like he (Marvin) wants some hot butt-naked sex; or at least that’s the image it conjures up in me.  But I know now, what I didn’t know in my past.  I now know that sex is a sacred act and as sacred an act of love which is an act of nature; natural, healthy, healing.

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