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The purpose of my series of articles and book reviews is to provide insight for people on their journey of sexual exploration. I also provide a corresponding book review, articles, and link to Amazon to make access to the book easier to find.

Based on the subject matter, the tools you will find are mostly connected to sacred sexuality.  As I believe that often our conscious and unconscious motivations are sexual and driven by our primal need to procreate we make our life choices through programming from our culture, media, family, religious systems and expectations not always from the wisdom of the spirit.  


My insights through these books reviews and articles (coaching services, singles mingles, learning series, workshops, blog radio shows, and books) are all designed to awaken our intentions and refocus our sexual energy!  It is my hope to provide insight and personal tools for the reader to discover how the subject matter relates to the journey of sacred sexuality and self-exploration.

Sacred  sex  when used in harmony  can be a refining tool to reach and tap into a level of spiritual abundance and creation energy that we can change the world that we have set in motion and move it towards peace and a divine love as God intended for us.


This realization implies that sex is far more spiritual than physical. This intention is experienced for me, by me, and through me…which to this day is evident in my personal coaching and transformational workshops.


Looking to explore deeper? Select the books cover link to the right, and....


Let the journey of self discovery continue….

The Collection of Titles Below

are great additions to your resource library of exploration... 

Click on the image below for a brief description
and a direct  link to Amazon for more descriptions and pricing information.  
Most book are under $20 new or used.

Support for your  INSPIRED Story... 

When you know you have a story to tell, not just ANY story but an inspired one, we often need some practical guidance, especially if we don't see ourselves as a "best selling" author right away! 


The fact is that you need some encouragement, some direction, and/or someone to bounce your ideas to who will take you serious and share your vision in a way family and friends may not be ready to see or even support!


We have a simple philosophy; we believe that there is a wealth of talent in everyday and extraordinary people who have a message or story of value to bring to the world.  Our goal is to supply aspiring INSPIRED authors with insight, to concept development, and positive direction to birth the creative idea placed within.

In case you are wondering where to start schedule a one-on-one private session with your Personal Change Coach to start your journey! 

Simply go to the "Schedule Session" page and book your appointment or click the link below.  This IS your time and this IS your season to create or complete the INSPIRED words stirring inside of you.


- List of Full Book Titles Below -

The Secret Science of Black Male and Female Sex

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Yesterday, Today, and the Future


Today is tomorrow’s yesterday

The present is the past’s future

The future is today’s tomorrow

But the future is infinitely unstable

Because it was built on yesterday

and today.

By: Heather Hetheru

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