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Secret Chamber: Radio Show Topics Open the Door to your spiritual, metaphysical, and sexual awareness.  With over 50 shows for you to listen and download at your leisure  you are sure to find some insights to guide you on your journey to self discovery....


The topics below are sample description of show content.  Click on the titles to download and explore your interests... 


Show 1 – The Secret Chamber Who Am I? Who the universe says I Am?

Who am I is a study/discussion of the divine beings we were created to be. Why are you divine? What do you believe is your relationship with God? Our unique blue print body type image and fingerprints.. Looking at all the things that make up who we are starting with our name. Who the universe says I am is a numerological and astrological study of our sun signs and natal chart and the influence of the heavens on our personality goals, and life purpose. What does this have to do with sex and my sexuality?


Show 2 – Past History, Present Mystery – Sexual Attraction and Arousal

Your past sexual history from your first series of sexual experiences has a great impact on your sexuality.  Explore your childhood and teen years to uncover and remember why you like to have sex in the dark or why being touched in a certain place turns you on. Explore the music of your time and its influence on mood music and your inhibitions today. Learn what this reveals about your sacred sexual self.


Show 3 – Forbidden Fruit: Why Sex Became Nasty

What was/is the reason that parents and religions discourage sex until marriage? Why is sexual intercourse a forbidden fruit and whose idea was that anyway?  Who financially benefits from sex as an industry? Understand why the forbidden things are so attractive.  How much have you invested in the industry of sex? Sex as propaganda.  Learn about the power and energy unleashed from sexual intercourse. .Learn what this reveals about your sacred sexual self?


Explore the origins of your sexuality. §  Past history, present mystery.  §  When did sex become nasty? §   The language of sex. §   Religion and Sex in bed together.  §  Creation and Pro-creation. §  Boundaries: How far will you go?  §  How could something that taste so good be so bad? §  Explore ways to Untamed sex? Have some fun while you explore.


Show 4 – Getting Busy: from Play to Passion

Explore the origins of your sexuality.  §Dig deep into your past to rediscover your first sexual encounter; a touch, a look, a smell, what you heard, or tasted; regardless it has helped to mold who you are and why you are. § Were you a student, a teacher or a victim? Remove the judgment and embrace you. §  Re-define your values, images, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas on sex. Learn to establish what is right for your spirit. §  Learn the cycles that take you from play to passion. Have some fun while you explore.



Show 5 – Sexual Performance: How am I doing?

Sex has become a porno movie! Often partners are more concerned style and  performance or how they look during the act of intercourse…Is it really important? Discuss why or why not.  Performance suggest that there is a rating or ranking involved in this intimate act…so much so that it becomes a competition or a tit-for-tat experience instead of giving and receiving freely and the reward being a mutual reach toward power, creativity, joy, and untapped human and spiritual potential. Learn the value of chakras and raising the kundalini energy to reap supernatural rewards! 


Show 6 – Some Like it HOT! Kinky Sex

Part of sexual exploration is understanding those practices, props, and promises that “take you there”. Understand that it might be something unusual or out of the ordinary that stimulates you.  Your partner may or may not feel comfortable engaging in your extraordinary activities.  Identify what kinky is to you and explore why it turns you on. Learn how you can use this white hot energy to awaken and raise your kundalini energy. 


Show 7 – Nasty Girls Dance, Dance, Dance!

We have claimed uninhibited women as nasty girls that are secretly envied by women who have not escaped their own prejudgments of themselves.  We were taught nasty girls have oral sex. They have sex with anyone anywhere. That they reveal their bodies, sell their bodies, and seductively dance on the dance floor, pole, and laps for a man’s complete and undivided attention and intention. Let’s explore the history of dance and the meaning of certain body movements and gestures to understand why dancing has gained such a bad rap and the sexual power it wields.       

Show 8 – Sexual Rituals in Everyday Life

Sex and sexual images and concepts permeate our culture from locks and keys to images of the space shuttle to simple glass of water.  The concept is just about everywhere there is a thought. These thoughts constantly stimulate the programmed mind into agreement, action, and/or submission. Sex is used to sell everything from cars to shampoo to burgers and water parks.  Learn to recognize these rituals and use them to the advantage.   

SEASON 6 of the Secret Chamber:


Episode 62: "Love Has Standards"

Episode 63: "Love Comes at a Price"

Episode 64: "The Metaphysics of PERFECT Love"

Episode 65: "God, Love, Sex, & the Marriage Bed" 

Episode 66: "LOVE is ACTION" 

Episode 67: "Love is ...What Love Does"

Episode 68: "STOP in the Name of LOVE" 

Episode 69: "Does LOVE hurt?" 

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