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Sexual Healing ….. Was Marvin Gaye right?

By Heather Hetheru



“When I get this feeling, I NEED Sexual healing”


Those words ring through the romantic hearts of two generations of sexually intense loving.  It’s a classic!  You can ask anyone over the age of 30 today!  It’s just the thought of the song; let along the lyrics, that will bring not only the tune to mind but some sexual encounter from one’s past (on prompt one in the present).


Marvin then urges his lover to “Come on, come on let’s make love tonight, time to do it right”!  There is a magnitude of meanings and interpretations that can be gleaned from these lyrics.  But in its most simplistic terms, there is a man and a woman on the verge of making some magic through love making.  For him, it is a form of healing.  A forum of love NEEDED to help settle his feelings.


Don’t get it twisted, it sounds like he wants some hot but naked sex; or at least that’s the image it conjures up in me.  But I know now, what I didn’t know in my past.  I now know that sex is a sacred act and that sacred an act of love (if no one more than myself) it is still an act of nature; natural, healthy, healing.


“Time to doing it right,” means that it is time to understand the sacredness of what sex really is.  It’s connecting our physical self to our spiritual self.  Binding two bodies and brings into one tangled unit caught between the physical and spiritual realms glimpsing all the potential and creativity a healthy open mind can reach; known or unknown.


Try it; I think you’ll like it!

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