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The FLOW of Attraction: Our spiritual connection to water

Good Day Good People!

Our obsession with water is more valid that we think. We are constantly seeking it out, not just to drink but for other reasons; some more obvious than others! Do you enjoy or have you engaged in activities such as cruises, boating, fishing, going to the beach, walking near the river, swimming, water fights, water parks, windows with a view of a water feature, water falls, unloosed fire hydrants, the rain, warm baths or hot showers, particular bottled water, particular water containers, or not being satisfied with a workout that doesn't earn you a great sweat?

Consider that this perceived obsession is from our need to connect with the "currency" of water! Yes, water is part of us, regardless of the form, container, or amount. We are told that our bodies are arguably from 70-90% water. Not just our need to drink water for survival or use it for hygiene... we have a choice in how we connect with it. We typically choose ways that we can contain its magical properties for as long our bodies can physically take it. Why? The common answers are often “I just like it.” But what we really like is the way it makes us feel. The positive energy that is derived from it! This energy is the current of the life force that makes us one; one spirit, one community, one family of humanity! The good feeling is our connectedness not only to the God-energy but to the peace oscillating between one another.

INTENTION of actions

Often those who have a poverty mindset or spirit of poverty are the furthest away from the currency/the flow of water often feeling disconnected, separated, or alone in the struggle. Let me share what I mean by a “poverty mindset” or “spirit of poverty”. It has very little to do with a person’s finances and more to do with a person’s level of peace, perceived spiritual real estate, and/or possibilities verses probabilities. You can see the spirit of poverty in a location, in the countenance of a person, and/or reflected in an environment. It seems to emanate a sense of despair which often stems from the feelings of separation and self-image. It has no color or racial boundaries.

SOLUTIONS to consider

The peace, the connectedness, to Source is rooted in the flow of spiritual currency. Water is one of the vessels that move the current. We were conceived in this current, born of this current, ingest this current; and are totally dependent upon this current. Are you confused by which currency I am speaking of? Source (the God energy) or Water??? The truth is that they are the same. Both are in you, with you, through you, and necessary for your survival. You can change or remove the spirit of poverty by accepting your connection to the Divine Source! You can utilize the source of water to connect or go directly to the Source and allow the peace in knowing that you are one fill and uplift you. It is the spiritual attraction… attracting you to the peace that surpasses all understanding. If you are seeking peace, or water, or the SOURCE (God) Consider that it maybe why water and your attraction to water means so much to you!

..Let the journey continue…

Heather Hetheru

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