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3 Types of Female....

If you have visited my website ( and read my mythology “The becoming of Queens and Goddesses” you would know that evolution of “women, queens and goddesses” indicate that there was a process. A “becoming.” The females of our species enter into this world with feminine energy, power, and strength. A creative force that is cultivated, subdued, latent, or repressed. While it (by Divine Creation), must manifest in concert with the priceless life born into the world the energy yet exists. Let me start by sharing the insights that will follow are not about judgment; the good, bad, right, or wrong of a person or where a person is on the journey, it is a matter of our life experiences, readiness and choices that set us on the course of self-exploration.

On my journey, I have not only identified 3 types of people but 3 types of female. Note this reference to “female” is about gender not about a negative perception. I challenge every “wom[b]-man” who reads this message to look to your past and present experiences and identify which path you have followed or are following. There is significance and purpose in your steps! You were wonderfully and beautifully made! The core of your body, by design, made flexible and strong enough to endure. While I define people in 3 types (ordinary, extra ordinary and the extraordinary) I define females much the same but as --- woman, queen and goddess.

INTENTION of Actions

“Women” are the most unaware of our gender. She is considered among the ranks of ordinary people anchored to the foundation of our world, communities and families. She is a significant part of the status quo; locked into routines and the activities of daily living. She is educated by systems, life and/or by life experiences and often conditioned to participate in the fulfillment of the “American Dream”. “Queens” are among the extra ordinary of our gender. Existing unapologetically for being a doer, mover, or builder she has changed the face of the world, community and family. Educated by intention, she utilizes the educational systems toward her greatest potential. She is not after “the Dream”, she is the supporter and builder of her own! “Goddesses” are among the extraordinary of our gender. She is among the rank of healers, explorers, and defenders speaking life, seeking life and spreading life with both tangible and spiritual tools. She cultivates and guides others to an awakening of the spirit within and throughout all things. She is the alarm clock to awaken the sleeping and points to the horizon of healing possibilities.

The question, also encompasses the answer: Are you dreaming or awake? Which type are YOU? Personally, I evolved through all 3. I had expected to live an ordinary life. I would graduate high school, complete college with a degree, work in my career, get married, have a family, be a soccer mom, member of the PTA (parent teacher association), raise my kids as a stay at home mom, retire and be laid to rest. But something happened in my journey that changed my trajectory. I noticed there were seeds of passion and compassion stirring in me. Our world, communities and families needed help to improve our quality of life and connect to a spiritual center I had yet to discover! But it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I realized that I was awakening and wanted to be solution-driven… for more than just me.

I got involved in my community mentoring girls and sharing my experiences through poetry in public venues. But it wasn’t enough! By my mid-thirties, I was working in schools trying to prepare high school students for life and working with corporations in the retraining of their workforce. It still wasn’t enough! By my mid-forties I realized that I was no longer building but had crossed into the realm of healing. I found and created tools for healing my own wounds of life. My mindset had changed. My purpose had changed. My calling had changed. I had looked over the patterns and cycles of my life’s work and realized that I was the reflection of my inner and outer world and I could choose my path.

SOLUTIONS for Consideration

I recognized that my passion and compassion had evolved to sharing the healing strategies I learned not only for myself but for others. There were women, queens, and goddesses facing the realities of the issues of life some with tools but many without. Some asleep but many are awakening. Who would be there for guidance? Understanding? Or resources? Why did I know what I know? See what I see? Do what I do? It was not for me alone but for me to hear the clarion call of the extraordinary; to be and become the goddess. As I walk this path, I share the information, the tools, the insights and guidance generously to those on this path seeking fellowship, insights and the loving healing energy from one heart to another. Who are YOU? Your journey awaits YOU! …Let the Journey Continue…


Book: Woman of Purpose Walking the Path journaling tool by Heather Hetheru Miller; for more information visit Consider your 1-on-1 coaching session! Reach out to 313-759-7855!


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