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Love Songs: Feelin' "some-kinda-way"

Good Day Good People!

Have you ever wondered why loves songs make you feel "some-kinda-way"? Whether you are in love (or in lust), want love (or just physical contact), or are a nostalgic romantic there is "something" almost unexplainable about all of the 'feelings' that can be prompted by love songs... In particular, those songs that have special meaning and are a defining point in your life. Given thought to this phenomena I have gained a few insights to share.

Personally, I love the music from the late 70's, 80's, and a few from the 90's... (with the exception of jazz which is timeless). I know what you must be thinking! Yes... It may have a little to do with my ideas of love and sex that were forming during that time! 

But look a little closer with me (metaphysically)... It is more too it... Dig a little deeper --- certainly you were not thinking that this was just a surface view of the subject--lol! Stay with me... See what we uncover about 'feelin' some-kinda-way' about this phenomena.

INTENTION of Actions

As you may already know music is a language all its own. While we have our preferences it is universal in that the tones transcend language and have the ability to stir your soul. 

Because of the culture in my neighborhood, school, family and in my experiences (past history) there were artists and songs played repeatedly as a mark of that time. You just knew there was love being made wherever the songs were playing... Earth Wind & Fire... Minnie Ripperton... Stevie Wonder.... Barry White... Anita Baker...The Isley Brothers... The Whispers... to name a few. Biochemically, what was happening in our bodies and minds? Imprinting and the forming of our neural pathways!

The years from ages 10-18; as my hormones were raging and my sexuality was wildly online; the musical combination of rhythm, tone, and lyrics stimulated my senses. The impulses of this engagement seduced me by the vibrations tantalizing my inner ear like soft kisses causing my heartbeat to quicken, my imagination to imprint, and my body to demand touch and attention.

The music always gave me a sense of freedom; self-expression; and sensuality. Once touched while a certain song was playing I could always recall the touch. It was of no consequence when the song played or whether I was being touched or not. The physical and chemical imprint that was made then; to this day; elicits my feelin' some-kinda-way (my present mystery). 

SOLUTION for Consideration

Those 'good feeling' endorphins activated by the various tones, rhythms and imprints of the past; sometimes long passed; have had a significant impact on my choices. They subconsciously have motivated sexual experiences, choices in mates, styles of dress, color selection, buying habits, relationships, leisure activities and more. Whenever I feel ' some-kinda-way' now I pay attention to what's is playing in the background. What is stimulating or motivating my choices... Advertisers, marketers, politicians, and even players know the secret to getting you to feel 'some-kinda-way' now you do too! 

Truly exploring your past history/present mystery is a significant part of self exploration. The imprints can also be memories and the origins of not so happy events (sexual abuse, issues of abandonment, rejection, and others) of our past.

In order to unravel them, break old cycles, and restore your innocence they must be acknowledge and brought to your awareness by removing the sting of judgment and unforgiveness. So now, when you hear the music you love and it makes you feel 'some-kinda-way' you will know exactly what you are feeling and why!


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...Let the Journey Continue!

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