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AGAINST THE ODDS: Perseverance of Purpose

Good Day Good People!

When a passion is planted within you, an INSPIRED idea, and you accept it with all of your heart there is a very dynamic human struggle that ensues. Typically, our purpose, as clear as the nose on your face, will impact the lives of others. The impact is usually designed to change their lives for the better! There is a price to pay and greater rewards to be gained when you decide to pursue this passion; this inspired idea and make it reality.

As one called to this work, it is a tireless pursuit of connections and complaints, promises and disappointments, sacrifices and circumstances many out of your personal control. You often seek the support, comfort, and resources of those who love you and you love but unlike the commitment to your walk, they tend to have an expiration date and limitations of and on you. It is not to cause you any personal harm but reality, in their world, and the possibilities in yours do not always align. You MUST have faith and they NEED evidence! You MUST persevere even though the odds may seem against you!

“NOW Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not unseen.” Source: Hebrews NIV 11:1

“The LAW of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.” Or “All thoughts turn into things eventually.” Source: The Law of

INTENTION of Actions

NOW Faith has been repackaged under the Law of Attraction. For some, the law of attraction is more palatable and popular with the exposure of the Secret and other philosophies. The basis for our expected results is similar but the process is quite different. This is not about judgment or religion; it is about believing and knowing that what you hold in your heart and thoughts to be true can be manifested as reality. Your purpose is no exception to this process. Holding true to your purpose is holding a thought for more than yourself. We often do this, hold the thought and the vision, against the odds!

The burden is heavier and the cost is high because it sometimes impact family time or time with your loved ones; it sometimes puts that weight of your absence on the strength of your loved ones; you sometimes are not in attendance; you are sometimes financially depleted; you are sometimes at the mercy of the kindness of strangers; and you are not afforded any elements of pride. Purpose will strip you of any fanciful romantic ideas about what is at stake and especially of your pride! You can clearly see the impact in small doses, which depending on your efforts, will reveal the bigger picture. There is no illusion about whether it is easy or difficult because there are moments of both.

SOLUTIONS for Consideration

Our world, our families, our communities did not get this way over night (it happened more over generations) and it will take all of us doing our part; moment by moment to change it. Those of us walking in our purpose are the "sign posts" that declares that change is here! But many of us at times fall under the weight of fulfilling our purpose because those closest to us tend to feel the impact at different points of this journey and we feel forced to choose. We are made to choose between our faith and the outward appearance or perceived evidence of our efforts. Without men and women of purpose, taking the necessary steps to fulfill their calling, our world will continue to spiral out of control.

There is a reason why we witness a person walking in their purpose! Our witness is not to mock them in their struggle or to questions their faith or to judge their commitment but to encourage them! There are 5 sure ways to encourage a man or woman of purpose; 1) provide financial support (a healthy vehicle for your tithes and offerings). 2) remove the obstacles that you see are in the way. 3) testify that someone is doing something to address the issues affecting you. 4) find your purpose. 5) acknowledge their efforts.

There are unimaginable rewards for seeking and walking your purpose and for each person it is different. Through my purpose I found the meaning of MY life. I found true LOVE. I learned how to desire wisdom and temper it with knowledge. I learned how to be a woman, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a wife, and a Personal Change Coach. I learned to heal, to forgive, to find my peace, tolerance, creativity; and to remove judgment. But most importantly, I learned that there is so much more to learn. I could use some help as much as I am here to help! In each moment of every day I persevere; against the odds!


Books by Heather Hetheru Miller available on Amazon Woman of Purpose: Walking the Path


From Secret to Sacred for God Centered-Women; The Secret Chamber

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…Let the Journey Continue!

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