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Unfinished Business: Your Life is NOT Your Own

Good Day Good People! 

I share this insight to enlighten and enliven anyone who has ever questioned why they felt compelled to help a stranger or to do something of which you had no real interest; or take on a cause that seemed totally disconnected from your everyday world. Are you ready to consider and explore the possibilities from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective? 

As this insight continues to soak in... the answers to those previous questions start to make sense... The answer is you may have been completing unfinished business! Who's business (as I am sure you could swear to it that it had nothing to do with you)? Read on and find out who!!!

We are the legacy of our fore mothers and fore fathers; specifically our grand parents and our parents in most recent history. Whether they were known to you or not; involved in your life or not; are present with you or have made their transition; your life is not your own.  You are a special part of them and carry within your genetic code many parts of them including their unfinished business! 

Let me define what I mean by unfinished business. Each generation is a bridge between the past and the future. That generation serves the now... YOU serve the now as that bridge today.

INTENTION of Actions

From our past (our parents and grandparents) had the same tasks as we. Our "Prime Directive" (Trekie talk) is to find our purpose and live it and perpetuate life through our offspring. Life is created through living and living is the direct result of collective purpose syncing together and creating the reality of the world we live in. Those "things", guised in purpose, are the:

 things they started but did not finished; and/or-

are things that they broke that must be fixed; and/or are-

people who were wronged that need to be made right. 

Just think about it... There have probably been people specifically that you feel compelled to help... Perhap it was the offspring of someone to whom your fore mothers or forefathers wronged and you now (through them) had to make right (to redeem your ancestor) and make that person you assisted family/fore mothers and fore fathers whole. 

Or perhaps you have taken on a cause or are fighting against an injustice that once you bring something to the table or win a battle in the fight suddenly it doesn't hold the interest or urgency anymore and you move on to something else.  

Consider that which was undone was completed or that which was broken by your fore mothers/forefathers was fixed or that those who were wronged were made whole. It could be the recipients, observers, participants, or perpetrators! Regardless, finishing unfinished business is our collective victory!

SOLUTION for Consideration Removing judgment and offering the gift of forgiveness is so essential for peace and change to prevail. In unforgivess, we hold ourselves and future generation in bondage. We create an environment that is more toxic than the one before us... Leaving our children the baggage but no clue as to what is really inside and/or why it came to be. Therefore, they disconnect and move forward often causing further injury from ignorance and further distance from the resulting discord in the days that follow. Further driven away from finding and building in purpose; confused as to their value and blind to the difference they make in their families, communities whereby creating a world devoid of the richness and fullness it is destined and hoped for generation after generation.

Sound familiar? 

YOU ARE HERE! This is the sign post at every crossroad. To be interpreted as both a reminder that you exist and your value and to serve as a compass to give you direction of a starting point or the road traveled thus far!

When we fail to read the sign post of our journey. When we get into our selfish self-centered egotistical mindsets. When we stop serving humanity. Everyone looses.

The clues of the losses we suffer are we best apparent when we begin to call our ignorance racism; injustice; poverty; hate; disease... And manifest the symptoms in our lives.

Your life is NOT your own! Your genetic code is bonded with the gifts, talents, strength, beauty, and abundance of the wealth built by your fore mother/forefathers as well as their unfinished business.  Finish their business and unleash your wealth and enrich the world around you!


Consider tools that help you find both peace and purpose!

Books by Heather Hetheru Miller - Woman of Purpose: Walking the Path and Patch of Grass: Creating Your Sacred Space

For more resources Visit: 

Worshops and Learning Series-

From Secred to Sacred;

The Secret Chamber

...Let the Journey Continue.

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