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Memory Imprints: Reflections of Time

Good Day Good People! 

In this season of Autumn/Fall... We are embarking upon a new paradigm; a new season of our lives unknown to us. Sure, on the surface it looks like many of the seasons long past... But for those of us in the midst of middle adulthood (ages 45-65) we are deep in the channel of the currents of time. We have come of age... We feel It in our bodies... We see it in our choices... We live it our world.

The echoes of childhood behind us and the inevitability of mortality before us.  It is our season to build our legacy and extend those of our fore-mothers and fore-fathers. 

We carry, genetically, in our DNA memory imprints from previous generations up to our grandparents whether they are known or unknown to us; whether good or bad right or wrong. We CAN choose what they did not; we CAN finish what was left incomplete; we CAN right what was wronged; and we CAN build from their foundation.  

Because I see life through a metaphysical and spiritual lens, I ask that for a moment, see with my eyes... The reflections of my past so that you may better see your own. 

In the image for this article; is my letterman sweater from high school (youth-virgin); my blazer worn during my career (adulthood-maiden); and my Red Hat membership jacket (seasoned time of my life-crone). 

INTENTION of Actions

There are many of the questions of my life time of the "whys" and "why nots" that I have found answers to on my journey. Those from my parents words and actions to the meaning of life to serendipitous events to injustice to the great beyond. The cycle of life (or the process of living) leaves notable memories as benchmarks and sign posts of lessons learned.

Those impressions indelibly etched not only in our minds but in our DNA. These are often the imprints of our genetic memory. Our means for our fore mothers and fore fathers restitution or reconciling what they did not; finishing what was left incomplete; righting what was wronged; and building from their foundation. Just as they left these impressions we leave the imprints for OUR children and THEIR children; what and where WE fell short.

SOLUTION for Consideration

In essence, now that we are aware that our experiences, decisions, beliefs, values and actions not only affect us but our children what's next? Regardless, they must now do what we did not; finish what was left incomplete; right what was wronged; and build from our foundation.  Knowing what is at stake how will we face today? What will we do differently?

The adage "what is done in the dark will come to the light" simply means that we can't hide from our truth. Whether or not we embrace it; deny it; or correct it...  is the imprint that we leave on our children and for our legacy.

Think of these memory imprints as footprints. In order to see footprints steps have already been taken. Footprints are imprints of past events that can be used to lead us in either the direction to go or to stray. 

What were the steps that you followed? Where has it lead you? Where are you leading your children?

 If the steps (footprints) of the righteous are ordered... Consider if there is peace or chaos in the wake of your steps. Set a course to ensure the imprints etched in memory are worthy of the generations to come leaving this world better than we found it knowing that we have lived well.


If you are seeking peace consider books on Amazon by Heather Hetheru Miller:

Patch of Grass creating a Sacred Space 

Cardinal in Red Dress my journey from the Valley of Death 

Workshops and Learning Series:

From Secret to Sacred

Surviving Divorce: Mending a Broken Covenant

Click on links below (or copy and paste to your browser) to view short video clips:

From secret to sacred: The Secret Chamber The importance of your Purpose Surviving Divorce: Mending a Broken Covenant 

...Let the Journey Continue!

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