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Good Day Good People!

The Goddess path is a level of self-discovery where the practical application of balancing the physical circumstances and spiritual principles of the sacred feminine evolve. The feminine energy is desperately needed in our families and communities. The Goddess must be vigilant in representing and manifesting this energy in our everyday life. Women tend to display glimpses of this image through their actions and appearance but the Goddess embodies it.

INTENTION of our action...

Our feminine nature is often over emphasized (too much weave, materialism, make up, skin, attitude, and yoga pants) or under emphasized (dressing more like men, always in jeans, being aggressors, more comfortable in jogging pants, flip-flops, constant displays of an unkept image, lack of peace). The gift of our bodies (regardless of the packaging); the shape, the smell, the texture, intuition, the movement; by design, resonates on a higher vibration. Like roses, we are equipped with a natural frequency to increase the vibration (the physical, emotional and spiritual reaction) of all things in proximity to us (including other women, queens, and/or goddesses- I will get into the differences in another blog--) of which we often place judgment.

SOLUTION to consider....

As the sacred feminine, we must have this level of frequency because we are the vessel that manifested the world we see! We are co-creators with our male counter-part. While they bring the idea and seed; we bring it to fruition or give birth to it. If we are going to change the world, then we must revive the sacred feminine in our everyday life. Women must evolve to queens (builders) and goddesses (healers). Queens and Goddesses...Roll Call....Check-in!!!

...Let the Journey Continue...

Heather Hetheru

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