EVERYONE Has a Backstory to Their Journey

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Over the years, I have learned that EVERYONE has a backstory to their journey of self-discovery. While I have traveled my path of self-discovery for more than 20 years, my purpose did not begin to unfold until 1998 when I was given a second change to live. You see, I died… committed suicide… took my own life. I was present when I felt my heart beat slow to a stop and my body grow stiff and unresponsive until I was in the place of nothing… REALLY Nothing. Not even me. I am unsure of how long in universal (non-time) I was “there” but in our real-time it was from nite to daytime, maybe 12 hours. The how I got to that point in my life is greatly detailed in the account of this experience in one of my books… But what you need to know was that God was not done with me… I had a purpose.


In 2003, the awareness of my life’s purpose started to unfold. It was the first time that God spoke directly to me. It was clear and direct and I was curious but not afraid. It was a surreal experience as God had given ME an assignment... I felt unworthy; ill-equipped but willing. So… I leaped into my calling fully engaged but unprepared for the adventure and the years of its unfolding ahead of me. I had read in my studies that often when God calls you; your name changes. Well, not only did my name change but also my “nature” changed (your Name IS your Nature). I was no longer just Heather Miller (one of over 8 thousand in Michigan alone) but I became Heather “Hetheru” Miller.

I was put in a spiritual boot-camp for a few years where I would find and refine my “spiritual” self. I would learn to fine tune my spiritual senses so that I could be guided through the turbulent waters of life in the form of cheating fiancé, homelessness, second marriage and second divorce, new first-time mother at 38, co-parenting, countless losses of family and loved ones, societal challenges, wars and rumors of wars, violence, health challenges, unpopular choices for my truth, religious elevation to spiritual connectedness and most importantly an unbreakable degree of faith.

SOLUTIONS for Consideration

As Heather Hetheru, I became a Personal Change Coach. I was given spiritual gifts of insight (some may call it prophecy), power over the Word both spoken and written, PEACE that is truly beyond all understanding, guardians, warriors, champions to stand with me; and many others gifts too numerous to name. To my amazement, the gifts were not for me… not for me to covet or possess but for me to share with others as we walk this journey of life and living together. I have to stay on guard and aware as to the who, when, and where (as it is not for me to know) my path will align with someone else. It is only the “WHAT” that I must listen intently for as guidance and direction to activate the next steps. It is this “WHAT” that is my calling; my purpose.

Are you asking “Why” am I sharing this backstory with you? Because WE are the SAME. Our “WHAT” may be different but the WHO, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW are the same insights we must be on guard to understand and follow. Our “perceived” small part of the journey of life… our decisions… finding our purpose… is so intricately connected with others (by Divine design) that we align like missing pieces to the same puzzle. By finding our purpose, we align the pieces; people and actions that are necessary to build a better world. Find and walk in your purpose; add your piece to the puzzle and change our world.

…Let the Journey Continue…



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