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LOVE: Is it your passion or possession?

Good Day Good People!

There is so much in front of us giving attention to hate and negativity that I am compelled to retool/redirect us (those ready and willing to engage) in a way that we can maintain self-control and make a difference! Don't be fooled by the "smoke and mirrors" that get you to put your attention to the illusion instead of on the side of peace and the reality that YOU can create. I'm not talking about the non-violent movements of the past I am talking about the spiritual warfare of the present! You may be asking, what does spiritual warfare, retooling/redirecting, and self-control have to do with love being your passion or your possession? Well, you have to follow me to the end of the post and through your thoughts over the next few days. Because this perspective will require deeper contemplation and a higher vibration than many of us are resonating presently (as we have been traumatized by recent events that are designed to get us to resonate at a lower vibration and create more of the hate, violence and negativity).

INTENTION of actions

If you believe that LOVE is the “fulfillment” of the law and you also believe that anywhere love is God is in the midst, you would know that you have 2 of the strongest forces in the spiritual and in the physical realm in your midst that can be harnessed! Imagine LOVE being generated and flowing between 2 or more people gathered in the Name of Love or by the act of love? LOVE is action…it requires that you DO something! When there is someone in your life or something in your reality that you perceive is LOVE wouldn’t it suggest that God was in the midst of it (at least if it were really love)?

When our perception is that we have a “passion” for something or someone, what are we really saying? Aren’t we saying that I do what I love or I act in love? Or better still, I do what God is and I do it in my God-energy? Our God-energy is the creation energy as we are co-creators in this physical realm. Stirring our passion is to stir our God-energy; focusing our intention of LOVE for or in someone or something. We can find peace in LOVE and it is fulfillment. Since LOVE is an action it is always in the present.

Now consider, if our “perception” of love is rooted in possession, then we would think from selfish intent and/or stir (act with) manipulation leading to harm of self and others. We would think more of hate and violence and perpetuate it by creating more of those thoughts and continually speak it into existence in our conversation. Does this sound familiar? If we are not careful, we would continue to perpetuate and create the very thing we say we despise! With possession, we want control of the person and/or circumstance which will only falsely satisfy a need on a temporary basis. With possession, we will always want more and never reach true satisfaction making it difficult to find fulfillment or gain peace. What we have and who we have will never be enough.

SOLUTION for consideration

Let me caution you… we are a co-creator whether your intentions are of love or of hate. When 2 or more are gathered in hate God is not in the midst of it. But know that the universe will follow the law of our strongest intention and it has no judgment of right or wrong, good or bad. The universe is going to support our creation-energy and work toward our intention of thought and action. When we are confronted with the choice of “possession” over “passion” or hate over love; we can choose to create and act in our passion for LOVE and change our reality. We can change our reality by also changing our conversation! The more we share and act to bring peace and positive intent the higher our vibration of passion and creation-energy to change the reality we create/created! Remember LOVE is the action of the now and we can change our reality from possession to passion whenever we choose!

…Let the journey continue…

Heather Hetheru


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