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ATTRACTION: Lessons from Your GPS

Good Day Good People!

The attraction that I am referencing is the attraction between man, woman and your desires. This level of attraction is related to the physical and spiritual process of your desires and/or two people coming together and “finding” one another. Many of us rely on our “GPS” system to help us find the best way to a location. It also gives us some options that help us reduce the amount of time it takes to get there; the shortest routes, the most direct routes, and even routes that take you by areas of interest! Your GPS can be very sophisticated or very simple; regardless of the cost, it is designed to help you find your way. Keep this point in mind!

The GPS system is based on spiritual principles! Did you know that your navigation system by design sends signals from the ethers (spiritual realm) to the ground (physical realm) and uses time and distance for you specifically to find your way from wherever you are? We can easily take this tool for granted if we don’t pay attention. The same type of tool is used to help us find our potential mate or reach our desires. There are signs to tell us when we are getting close to them. There is a biological “count down” of sorts of time and distance set in motion when we program our spiritual GPS.

INTENTION of actions

When we are magnetized for attraction, our process begins. We start to feel like we need to be in a relationship, we need to “get ourselves together” whether it is employment, health, finances, appearance, material gain, spiritual life, sexual tension/needs, feelings of loneliness, and even our finding our purpose. Some may say, I feel like this and I’m IN a committed relationship. I would caution you to consider if you still feel “needy”, perhaps your system is really malfunctioning or did you choose to take a short cut that took you off course because you were to impatient to follow the directions or put in the work needed to complete the journey!

I would also caution you to ask the tough question, did you detour to avoid the “work” or the “wait” when you needed to put it in to prepare yourself? Sometimes people shut off this guidance system and lose their way by not listening or paying attention to the signs! Have you ever paid attention to them? One Way, STOP, Yield, Pedestrian CROSSING, Railroad CROSSING, Slow Down Curve AHEAD, Bridge May Be ICY, EXIT, No U-TURN, DO NOT TURN on red; Speed LIMIT, DO NOT ENTER, we even miss the mile markers that show us how far we have come. Sometimes we only use our physical eyes to see and not our spiritual eye of wisdom and understanding. There is a REASON that signs are always just above or aligned to your line of sight and can be seen upon your approach regardless of the speed or mode of transportation!

SOLUTION for consideration

Your spirit; your inner voice, is your GPS. Your inner voice is a guidance system designed to help you find the best possible routes to your desires. It is connected by the heavenly realm and the physical realm to speak specifically to you and what you say (and put in the work to achieve). This process is designed to put you in the right place at the right time. If you are listening and following your spirit will tell you to turn left in 500 feet, or stay to the right when you get to a fork in the road of life. It will even reroute you when you take the wrong turn or get off course! You are being drawn and attracted to what you want when you program (pray) and use your GPS (inner voice). Don’t forget there is action and faith required!

…Let the Journey Continue…

Heather Hetheru

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