The Awakening: The Season of Our Change

Good Day Good People!

As the cool chill starts to cover the City of Detroit and other northern, Midwest, and Great Lakes regions; we are the first to recognize the “signs” that our season is about to change. ---SIDE NOTE: As you may have observed my perspective is often from a spiritual and metaphysical point of view. So your ability to “pause and consider” this perspective is a “sign of change” in and of itself. ---Kids are returning to school (first day jitters, backpacks, school clothes or uniforms, school supplies) and a new school year ensues. The cool chill of fall prompts the leaves to change, fruits and vegetables to ripen to their fullest, birds, bugs and insects to gather and rest, and the final mating dance for many animals to commence. For some of us, we foresee glimpses of more than just the holiday season; family gatherings, and the change in the seasons; we see, reflectively, the changes in us.

Each season holds within it, a reflection of what is happening within us too. The spring brings the awakenings of our potential, brings us out of our comfort zone and “springs” us into new beginnings, revived resolutions, and refreshes us. The summer with it brightness and bold temperament make us feel young and invincible! The sun gives us the energy to fully engage the longer days and clear nights. The fall wraps us in the natural hues that calm and lull us into the reflective period of maturity and the appreciation of what we do have. While the winter’s bitter cold often isolates us, limits our movement, removes illusions turning us inward to face the cold truths that we have hidden throughout our other seasons. Truly, we are in the “thick” of another (kind of) season of change.

INTENTION of Actions

A few rare souls (as I am one) relish in the fall and winter. As the deep reflection of maturity and isolation and purging persists, I must be evermore thankful for this awakening journey! Each year is equipped to help me grow and elevate my consciousness, beliefs, understanding, and the practice of living while my body sheds the remnants of yester-years' impetuousness of youth. In my season, I am aware of the changes that balance me in the laws of polarity (law of opposites) and correspondence (as above so below); the laws of gender (masculine and feminine) and vibration (everything is in constant motion).

In my season, the innocence and elusiveness of youth has been replaced by the journey of living. The rise in the number of those sharing and receiving their tools with those ready to listen and learn is rapidly increasing. I understand (and value the knowledge) that the building of our legacy is firmly on the shoulders of those who laid well my foundation in the tears of sorrow and joy of yester-years. I am affirmed, by the law of Mentalism (all is in/of the Mind of God), as it exists in this physical world. My “knowing” that we are all part of the same puzzle empowers the need for my (and all others’) purpose. Some pieces (people) are yet unaware that they remain face down and disconnected on the “playing board” of life. They are unaware that others are waiting for them to awaken; turn face forward and see where they align; and simply…. align (by being and living their part, word, gift, purpose, ability, truth, perspective) with others!

SOLUTION for Consideration

For true puzzlers, solutionists, enigmatologists, or problem solvers that have the ability (or are developing it) the gift (prophecy, discernment, clairvoyance, etc.---or are developing it) to see our inter/intra-connection; Welcome! You are among those of us “by whatever name we call it” are awakening in our season! The phenomena may be new to many who are awakening but as we evolve as “human” beings (and spiritual energy) the imaginary lines of our boundaries set by previous limitations are wearing as thin as the idea of paper money having value! On both physical and spiritual matters, our time is now; the season at hand!


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