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Be Mindful...

Good Day Good People!

BE MINDFUL: As we move through the day today give attention to those hidden jewels we often take for granted... The people (known to you or unknown) placed in your path who share a kind word, complement, provide you a service, and/or offer help. Also pay attention to the jewels nature offers... The mystery of a butterfly crossing your path, the tree that sways when you walk or drive by, the way the sun illuminates an object just as you turn to see it... Finally, your exquisitely designed amazingly functioning body! The rhythm of your heartbeat, the impulses from your senses, the texture of your skin, the healing and replenishing constantly taking place on your body to heal to grow to protect... I challenge you today to be aware... Be in tuned... Mindful living will put our worries and concerns in perspective.

SOLUTION TOOLBOX: We can reset our mind behind the temporary adversaries and tests that come our way daily. They are temporal... By design they show us more about what we truly believe and if we are truly practicing those beliefs. Be mindful today!!!

...Let the journey continue...

Heather Hetheru

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