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A Sacred Way to Love...

Good Day Good People!

As many of us do... I listen to the insights (sometimes I call them downloads) from the spirit (the small still inspired voice within me) sharing jewels of insight of this spiritual journey. Recently, sacred ways to love have been revealed.

In my own relationships and many others that I often encounter on this journey... say we love, think we have the capacity for love, and think what we say or do is love. I am reminded that love is an action WORD that elicits a physical, spiritual, and emotional vibration and response.

INTENTION example:

One of the reasons that the giving of roses has been so vital in expressions of love is because the vibration of roses brings with it a higher frequency (spiritual energy)...

So spiritually the vibration is already higher coupled with the act of giving (charity/love). The giving of a higher vibration is going to often elicit a physical, spiritual, and emotional response by law (universal cosmic laws)!

SOLUTION to consider:

If you have no standards for the act or expression of love how do you know what you experience or do is love/loving???

Know that LOVE is both intention and action both physical and spiritual!

Consider your new or continued foundation with the WORD (spiritual) and the Language (physical) and explore the possibilities!


Dr. Gary Chapman - 5 love languages Link: 1 Corinthians 13 NASB - The Excellence of Love - If I speak Link:

...Let the journey continue...

Heather Hetheru

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