From Mother to Son: Co-parenting from the spiritual perspective

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Co-parenting; a polite way to say both parents are COntributing to the raising of a child (or children). Parenting will never be equal between mothers and fathers. However, the lack of equality has nothing to do with the way or the amount of love for the child (or children) felt by either parent. By design, women and men (mothers and fathers) are different and function from a difference set of values and processes. It often seems that once a child is born the spiritual and physical understanding of the role of parents may become blurred depending on the physical and spiritual stability and commitment of each parent.

INTENTION of our actions:

Technically, a child is born from the intention/action of both parents. Physically (genetically), the child is given equal chromosomes that carry the genetic code from each parent. This is important because when a child loses access to a parent (especially if the child was born outside of marriage, becomes a casualty of divorce, either parent abandons the responsibility of parenting, or a parent is lost due to no fault of their own) just as with the separation of the 2 strands of genetic code they lose a vital part of themselves. The physical genetic memory embedded in their DNA that is directly connected to the child (who also has like characteristics) is also that of the absent parent.

Physically, for the child, there is a void in their life and spiritually, for the child there is still an unseen presence felt in their life. For the child, it is confusing (emotionally) because they long for what they can not physically see but can still feel which creates the pain and prompts the child into the stages of grief. Ironically, for the absent parent (deeper still), the same condition may exist with the separation (that emotional is similar to grief and loss) of their child.

Co-parenting is a choice and a commitment to do what is best for the child (children). Parents often get personal and can not draw the line between their own needs, disappointment, unresolved feelings or the grief because of the loss of relationship/commitment/interest of the mate, partner, or spouse. The parents become their own worst enemy and transfer the feelings of guilt, anger, and/or grief to the other parent which ultimately is equally experienced by the child because of the spiritual ties to each parent; the 2 halves that make the child whole.

SOLUTIONS to consider:

While the child is born to the parents the child does not belong to the parents. The two came together to be the pathway for a new and important idea and co-creator to be manifested in the world. To change it, to grow, to save the world from itself. The child; the idea; the co-creator you birthed was entrusted to your care and is not a possession like a car, house, or piece of jewelry having material value that can be stolen, broken or lost and that you can simply walk away from without consequence.

The child, while priceless, belongs to GOD who has the authority to give and take; rise and fail accordingly. This child, a product of your spiritual creation and manifestation power, was entrusted to you because you had the vital genetic code to sustain this unique-one-of-a-kind spiritual being in the world. So give the best of you to the raising of this child and the rest of your emotional baggage and healing to GOD so that your idea; the child; the co-creator can fulfill his/her destiny!

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