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Mythology of Queens and Goddesses: Devolution and Evolution of the Woman

Good Day Good People!

I wrote an awesome mythology called the "Becoming of Queens and Goddesses" to explain the shift in the values of the Sacred Feminine energy in the world. You can read the mythology yourself by clicking the link at the end of this post. Backstory: The mythology starts with the Goddess at her highest vibration, in spirit, manifesting the creation of the world as a means to heal and aid the universe and give birth to mankind. As the mythology unfolds, she descends to earth to participate in and facilitate the creation process as co-creator (and healer). She never looses sight that her role is co-creator; the creatrix, even when she continues to descend to the earth as a queen (that builds) and finally woman (the simplest least evolved vessel of use).

Perhaps, I should back up and share that my insights are not about judgment (that is the good, bad, right or wrong thoughts, stigmas, perceptions). They are designed for the spiritual eye (third eye) and the physical ears. Without your spiritual eye and hearing only with physical ears alone, it is extremely difficult to remove judgment but to be easily offended by this perspective (and any other perspective that may be contrary to you and yours). But I challenge you to listen (physical ear) and read (spiritual eye) further.

The woman is at the lowest vibration of the feminine energy cycle. She has yet to realize that she has the power to co-create and manifest the conditions of her world through her choices in men and how she nurtures her sons. Women bare the responsibility for who and what is manifesting in this world. Consider that if you are the gateway for ideas and are the fertile ground to which seeds are planted wouldn't you take more care to decide who could plant seeds and what types of seed they were planting? You would want to see a harvest that would feed you, your family, and even your community, right?

INTENTION of actions

You would want the farmer to cultivate your soil and prepare it properly before planting seed! Would the person planting, the farmer, want good fertile soil to ensure the seed would not be wasted if he had intended to feed himself, his family, and community? The point where the soil is prepared and the seed is plunged into the soil is intercourse or the intersection of 2 worlds, the physical (the seen) and the spiritual (the unseen). The seed is planted deep enough so that the roots can benefit from the nutrients therein to yield the best harvest. To harvest a bountiful and rich crop there are changes that take place within the soil, both physical and spiritual, before the birth of the seed. It becomes one with the entire ecosystem of the earth; one pulse; one womb; one purpose. It knows its origin is the spiritual realm of which it was created.

When the seed comes forth it breaks through the soil. Before it emerges it understands that it is one with the entire system. Once the seed finally emerges, it forms an ego, to be nurtured by the soil and raised by the farmer until it is ready for the coming stages of life. Once the harvest is touched for the first time its influence is critical to establishing their meaning and purpose to the world. Do you see where I'm going???

SOLUTION perspective

The woman is the soil, the vessel, to which the seed (or idea) is planted by the man (the farmer) who will eventually harvest it. She has the responsibility to make good decisions about who can touch and cultivate her soil and determine and discern the type of seed that will be harvested. Remember, genetically, half of the seed/idea is her and the other is him (from previous posts)! This also means that the character and nature of both will be greatly influenced by the two becoming one in the dance of intercourse in the womb of creation! It will do women and men both well to understand that intercourse does not always end in pregnancy but it will always end in manifesting a man's ideas (his nature and character) into the world.

As a woman evolves into queen she seeks a purpose to be more than a vessel for seeds and ideas to germinate! She begins to see and cultivate the seeds and ideas that become the building blocks for businesses, schools, houses, transportation, places of worship, and structures that support and become a strong foundation. She evolves to be the builder of institutions for the benefit and advancement of the people entrusted to her. Finally, she begins to set a higher standard for the farmer, her soil, seed and the ideas that are generated from them. Pause and consider...


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...Let the journey continue...

Heather Hetheru

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