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Faith and Love Require Action

Good Day Good People!

In my meditation and prayer today my spiritual "download" included insight into faith and love. Both have standards of operation as well as ways to activate them (more shared in a previous post). The thought looming in my mind was actually from a conversation I had just yesterday as I shared with my sister about my "faith walk" in making the major life decision to leave the "implied" security of my job to pursue the vision God placed in me for my life.

INTENTION of action

Her concern, as with any loved one, was my financial security. I have no hidden nest egg of huge savings or 401k plans to cash in to make this leap easier or safer for me. I am where I am and plan to build up and out. What! Is that it? She asked me completely baffled. I understood how it must sound to her being the practical organized planner that I am! She has heard from many people many times the words "faith" and "love" but yet they sat and waited on something to happen as if they had no work, no "skin in the game". In her experience, she has seen the abuse of both words so much that they have become common and ineffective. Ultimately, they were only words because neither had the "the work" or the evidence. I venture to live it for myself and to do so in front of my sister in hopes that my faith walk will increase her "faith" as well.

The reality is that I am a single parent with bill collectors that don't care about my faith. Yes, there could be many reasons to be afraid but I am committed (in all areas of my life) to face my fears and focus on my possibilities (unknown potential and opportunities) not probabilities (the likelihood of events only as far as I can see).

SOLUTION to consider

Behind my faith is my works and my love. I have God-given gifts, I have talents abilities, and experience... at almost 50 I have been "in the game" awhile. I have done "the work" to be and continue to become whole rooted in my spiritual foundation. I found my niche and invested time and effort to develop my skills and put my quality services and good reputation before me. I have opened up pathways through publishing my books and honoring my truth. I am a generous giver of time, resources, and love. And most importantly I BELIEVE GOD for the promises given and the universal laws set in motion on my behalf!

I believe that FAITH without works IS dead and LOVE without standards IS death. Everyday people step out in faith to ride an elevator, get into our cars, to take medicine or vitamins, or even just to drink water. This level of trust often comes naturally because we consider them small things...done without much thought but your effort is "the work". You still have to commit to walk into the elevator. You have to step into the car. You have to swallow the medicine/vitamin and drink the water! Since I am trusting and believing for the "seemingly" small things how much more will my blessings increase for my faith to increase for sharing meaning and purpose in the lives of others! Faith and love are about what you really believe so ACT BOLDLY IN YOUR TRUTH!

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