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Place Your Order: Universe Pick up or Delivery System

Good Day Good People!

I pray that this most interesting insight be of value to you! Especially for those of us who resonate with the Law(s) of Attraction. I don’t mean the hyped up versions that glamorize material gains but the more practical application side of the phenomena; visioning what you want, taking action, believing in gratitude, and waiting in expectation! I was recently talking with a friend who is anxiously awaiting a good date to mate. They believe themselves to be a “good” catch and will be a good, devoted and loyal mate to the right person. In their angst, they placed an order with the universe that went from the “ideal” to “anyone” and finally to never mind, it will never happen for me. In spite of our discussions about positive affirmation, taking the time to build and become the best mate, living instead of looking, they continued to speak and harbor worry, frustration, fear, and loneliness. Insisting that my positive outlook was a result of good fortune and what I already had and not what I had been waiting for they look at my "backstory" from a narrow lens.

If an onlooker didn’t know that I had invested over 25 years into my own self-discovery, or endured suicide, 2 marriages, 2 divorces, 1 engagement that ended badly (in utter humiliation and shame), endured 3 years of homelessness, eventually found my purpose, my God-center, and re-built my self-concept… it would look as easy as good fortune! It would look like I just walked into my peace and joy by “good” fortune alone. My truth is… my journey, my self-concept, my God-centered relationship, my purpose, my plan, my affirmations, my gratitude, my attitude and now my acceptance opened my heart, my mind, and aligned me with the universe to deliver the orders I request.

INTENTION of Actions

Imagine the Universe is like Dominos Pizza (known for a quick delivery). We get a craving (our desires)… or we are hungry (our needs). We think about what we want… we think about the fastest way to get it… and we call Dominos! We tell them what we want and how we want it… we expect that it will be delivered FAST… we GET it... The END… or is it? Let’s think this through more intentionally. Did we forget what prompted the request? We had a need or a desire that we wanted met. Of course “something” prompted that need (but we will discuss this at a later time). We itemized what we wanted (through our senses –taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing and/or our values) we visualized it and CREATED it in our minds...first. Then we made the call… but wait. At what point did we determine how we would pay for it? What is IT going to COST me? Am I willing to pay for what I say I want? That also means that THE WORK (on self, beliefs) had to be invested to be positioned to get what we asked for. Then we wait (sometimes patiently or not). Often while we are waiting we continue to live and go about the activities that consume our time knowing that the order is being prepared and the delivery will arrive soon.

If we go to pick up the order, we stand at the counter (prayer) or in the space watching as it is prepared or as it is pulled from a place where the other orders are waiting (religious fellowship) to be picked up. Because we want to pick it up ourselves we sometimes see how its prepared and who is serving it (we may or may not approve of what we see or how its handled). But what if we are really too impatient to wait? What if we aren’t prepared? What if we constantly change our minds? Through our actions and words; we call and say, I changed my mind… I’m cancelling my order, I don’t really deserve it; you are taking too long! Or we realized that we did not do adequate WORK to pay for the order! What then becomes of the order?

SOLUTION for Consideration

Fortunately, the solution is constantly put before us in religious practices, philosophy, universal cosmic laws, in our beliefs, throughout nature, and during countless life lessons. You “reap what you sow” or “the power of life and death is in the tongue” and “if you believe it you can achieve it.” All of these enduring systems put the WORK to create and believe in your hands and the outcome of your results to the universe to manifest. So whether you request pick up (go to the Source) or delivery (wait for the universe to deliver) hold fast to your beliefs and know that your order will be delivered on time!

Let the journey continue…


The Wisest Book Ever Written (Law of Attraction) YouTube – hppts://

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