Perspective 'Just In Time': from the "God Memorandum"

Good Day Good People!

Here's an oldie but a goodie, a book by author Og Mandino... "The God Memorandum"... If you have never read it (or listened to the audio version) I beg you to do so... As I face each day of my journey I look for my personal "God imprint" the confirmation in spirit, resonance, and/or signs that I am on the right track... And aligned with God's perfect will for me. While acknowledgement from others is nice (making a difference in the lives of others, being perceived as a person of value) that "imprint" of confirmation and connectedness is so much more valuable to me!

As I am reprogramming my thoughts and recalibrating my path I seek the cues and clues in my daily activities. This one cue happened in my day this week. As I listened intently to my daily dose of insights from great motivational speakers. Nestled on my mp3 file in between Les Brown and Brian Tracy was this powerfully "inspired" insightful perspective called the "God Memorandum". I was immediately emotionally connected to this inspirational message. The intro for me said it all..."From God to YOU." You know the feeling when you seem to have stumbled upon something "new to you" but in reality its been there for sometime and known to many others (although you think it's "your" discovery? Sounds a bit like Christopher Columbus right---lol)???

INTENTION of Actions

This insightful dialogue hit me in the hidden space between the gaps in my self esteem, the acceptance and appreciation of my individuality, the qualities that make me different and unique, the incomprehensible function and construction of our bodies, minds and spirits and the "game of life" we play trying to win--- thinking someone has to lose... It all hit me in the delicate nerve of every doubt I had about myself, my past, my value, my shame, my commitment, my beliefs, my process... The words from the memorandum liberated me... Unfettered me... Spoke to my ego and subconscious and put them on notice!

I could truly imagine how I would look (through the eyes of spirit) uncertain; confused; feeling my way in the dark when I need only open my spiritual eyes and my mental reasoning. To now arrive at a place that has taken a painstaking 25 years to travel and comprehend (while a necessary journey for me) positioned me for a major life confirmation! There is no judgment in this journey no good, bad, right or wrong to assign to my self or my self worth. There is only the truth of my life and living it in the purpose and the love; that I seek.

SOLUTION for Consideration

It may all sound like random babbling to some but until you hear or read it (the God Memorandum) for yourself and let it resonate; I pray you may also find this sense of "discovery"... Joining me and 'ole Chris Columbus would be in good company of a truth truly "new" or "in resonance" with us. This resonance I pray reaches a deeper level of understanding and self-reflection needed to leave the baggage of a lifetime behind you while taking only what you need for the journey ahead!

I urge you to let the words speak to you... to your temperament. Discover anew who and why you are; why you exist... Remove the binds of limitations, media influence, and others expectations and reconnect nakedly to the beauty of why and what you are... A walking, living, breathing, anomaly; a treasure far beyond measure; a miracle!

Be excited with me that this message found us just in time...


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