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The Faltering of Male Leadership: Women at Fault

YES, I will not deny that the faltering of male leadership is largely the woman's fault (you can click the words for the deeper definition). A woman unsure of who she is and/or who lacks wholeness (self awareness in action) makes decisions from a space of lack instead of empowerment (implementing tasks from wisdom and strength). Because she will act and make decisions out of her need; the need for the fulfillment of that need becomes the priority.

She then seeks to accomplish fulfillment out of desperation and not her due diligence (positive actions based on sound and informed reason and the in the best interest of those involved). She will accept mediocre (including her man, her judgment, her decisions, activities, and expectations of her son and daughter) and will almost always default to her comfort zone (i.e., the way she has always seen and/or made decisions whether based on her environment, values, and/or beliefs).

INTENTION of actions

Men raised in this environment often are drawn to the same energy (struggle of the mother) in his potential mate. The strongest pull is typically the mother's strongest weakness as it has the energy of her intention attached to it. As boys today couple that intention with the detached reality of video games and the entertaining world of celebrities in sports, politics, movies, and music; their imaginations and creative intentions are often shaped. This vision (a quality of good leadership) give boys (and some men) an "idea"/"seed" often without the needed foundation of sound values, a strong spiritual foundation and quality standards of love; whereby making decisions and creating reality from this limited perspective.

Regardless of her color or race, her desperation will allow public figures currently seen in government leadership nationally, locally, and at the head of organizations and systems (entertainment, sports, public safety, welfare, financial institutions, health) the power to make unwise, unjust, and unproductive decisions that shape our communities. Your everyday woman has the same power and has created the same chaos in our relationships, families, home, and communities with the same level of power originating from her lack.

SOLUTION for consideration

Women who act from a position of wholeness typically makes better decisions, sees beyond herself and her own circumstances, and sees the men in her life (including her son and perspective mate) as an asset to nurture and invest not dominate and control. This woman then has the same wholeness to offer her daughter genetically, physically, and spiritually because it becomes part of her bio-chemical make up and perpetuates a new reality.

A woman acting from a position of wholeness has a level of consciousness that not only raises her vibration but the environment in direct proximity to her. She is typically on a continual path of healing through continued learning, forgiveness, changing and/or expanding her environment, values, and/or beliefs, and most importantly seeking her personal truths in relationship to God and her purpose. Be and become WHOLE!

...Let the Journey Continue...

Heather Hetheru


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Women of Purpose: Walking the Path (click and link to Amazon to purchase copy)

By Heather Hetheru Miller, Personal Change Coach

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